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Aqua Pro Pump Systems, “APPS" is a culmination of many years of industry dedication, staff experience, product development and satisfying our customer’s needs.

APPS is a wholly owned entity of TOMIKO Inc. After nearly 30 years of dedicated industry service representing numerous pump manufactures and building pre-assembled pump systems in California, TOMIKO Inc. acquired the assets of the Davey commercial division located in Aura IL. This acquisition in 2009 propelled TOMIKO Inc. into the national market. Using the Davey label with the added line, "Built by Aqua Pro Pump Systems for the US Market", and using Davey pumps manufactured in Australia, TOMIKO forged ahead. Over the next few years, between a dramatic increased in the exchange rate and other mounting obstacles, it became apparent we could no longer continue to service our customers. By 2011, we could see that in order to grow, changes would have to be made and the Davey partnership was dissolved. These changes are affording APPS the opportunity to expand our own brand name with superior products and application design.

With a staff offering in excess of 100 years of accumulated pump experience, APPS can solve most any problems that may arise. Several of our top sales engineers have owned and operated their own companies before being assimilated into TOMIKO by merger, acquisition, or hire. Others have been employed by various steps of distribution from manufacturing to wholesale sales. It is our requisite to make system functionality our primary objective. Our experienced staff have the knowledge and expertise to design and select the best possible pump for any specific application.

APPS was started as a method of providing what customers requested and other manufactures do not offer. We have developed new and innovative products with the aid and contribution of the installers, users and service technicians. Products are designed for (1) functionality, (2) reliability, (3) ease of installation and (4) serviceability. Our designs are cost effective from an initial purchase price, installation cost, energy efficiency and service ability.

We are confident that we will continue to meet the needs of our distributors, the requirements of their contractors, and the expectations of the end user. We will continue to expand our product offering and provide the highest possible level of customer service​